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Financial and Volunteer Support

Bay Area Repeater Net could not offer free repeater usage without financial support. Our current site rental costs are $125/month for R1, and $450/month (at minimum) for future commercial sites. We are currently grandfathered into the R1 site, so we are blessed to not incur commercial rates as with other groups and their repeater sites.

At this time however, we are behind on our rent due to COVID-19. Our owner, WPUI299, lost his job as a union rigger (including full closure of the entertainment industry he worked in) as a result of it, and cannot make the rent payments to keep the R1 system on the air. Our current rent backpay is $2,750 and counting each month. It was either allow the rent to accumulate or become homeless; a hard decision to make during this time. The owner is also very hopeful that the entertainment industry will return, but it will be some time before his family regains financial stability and can support the R1 system again.

If you have used our system, you know the value it brings to the SF and Monterey Bay Areas, including its reliable portable coverage. We need financial support to help keep our repeater on the air and free to you! Please help us by donating an amount of your choice with our secure payment option below. We accept all forms of payment via PayPal Business (credit, debit, bank transfer), or Checks and USPS Money Orders to our PO Box (we do not accept other money order types due to safety and security).

To Donate via PayPal:

Click on the Donate Button:

*Prime System Integrations hosts the donation feature for Bay Area Repeater Net. All donations submitted to BARN will go directly to BARN. No donations submitted shall be for profit per FCC regulations.

To Donate via Check or Money Order:

Mail To:

Be sure to make your check or money order payable to "Bay Area Repeater Net" and notate "BARN-R1 Rent Backpay" in the Memo section of your check or money order.

Volunteer Positions:
If you would like to volunteer your time to help keep the R1 system (and future systems) on the air, we are in need of the following people:

- RoIP Technician
- RF/Low-Voltage Technician
- Tower Climber (must have certs and liability insurance)
- Assistant Membership Coordinator
- Linked Systems Coordinator (works with other GMRS orgs to link into BARN)
- Net Controller (for our weekly on-air nets)

To volunteer, contact us here. Please include your contact info with what position you're seeking. We'll schedule a time to meet with you to begin the volunteer process and get you plugged in!

Thank you for your consideration! We appreciate your help and support!

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