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We have provided you with our email, mailing address, and phone number below. If sending mail, we will respond via mail or phone (if a phone number is provided in mail contacts).

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BARN Network List:
BARN-R1: + 462.550 MHz / 141.3 Hz (SF Bay / Monterey Bay)
BARN-R2: (system pending) (King City Affiliate)
BARN-R3: (system pending) (Bakersfield Affiliate)
BARN-R4: (system pending) (Tehachapi Affiliate)
BARN-R5: (system pending) (Barstow Affiliate)
BARN-R6: (system pending) (East Bay Affiliate)
BARN-R7: (system pending) (Central Valley Affiliate)
BARN-R8: (system pending) (Sacramento Affiliate)
BARN-R9: (system pending) (Redding/Chico Affiliate)
If you would like to add your GMRS repeater system to our BARN Affiliate Program, contact us today!

For all donations, please click here. Thank you for your support.

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